Early History of the Medicine Hat Country
Early History of the Medicine Hat Country

Early History of the Medicine Hat Country


Originally published in 1923, this book by Rev. James Morrow covers the earliest days of southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan, including the Cypress Hills . Great for the burgeoning local historian in your life.

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"This history of the Medicine Hat country has been compiled with the greatest care. All the facts narrated have been obtained from reliable and authentic sources. Altogether it has involved the reading of over a hundred book on Western Canada, personal letters written to, or interviews with prominent old-timers all over Southern Alberta.


There is a wealth of literature dealing with Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, but the southern parts of these provinces are largely virgin soil to the historian. The object has been to produce a readable and interesting as well as reliable account of early days in Medicine Hat district. The opinions expressed are our own; by them we stand or fall. All through we have striven to write in a spirit of candor and justice, so that when the end comes, as it does to all, we may remember the injunction of the Moor, 'Speak me fair in death-nothing extenuate nor set down aught to malice." - James William Morrow


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  • Paperback, 96 pages
  • Author: James William Morrow
  • Publisher: Historical Society of Medicine Hat and District


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