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1 Medalta Reproduction Ware
1.1 How are your products made?

Our Medalta Reproduction Ware items are hand jigged on our over 100 year old jigger machine, or slip cast using original master moulds of Medalta’s most popular products. The items are then hand trimmed, coloured, stamped, and placed in the kiln for the first firing (wares are fired in large batches). Next, they are glazed, glaze trimmed and placed back into the kiln
for the final firing.

1.2 I see a product is out of stock. When will there be more?

All our Medalta Reproduction Ware products are made by onsite by our talented production team. The wait time varies by product, but generally it is 6-8 weeks. 

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Medalta in the Historic Clay District

  • Medalta is an innovative, industrial non-profit museum, contemporary ceramic arts facility, art gallery and community hub in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
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